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₹ 2,000 ₹ 199

All inclusive price

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₹ 2,000 ₹ 199

All inclusive price

Complete Health Check-up of Business

A leading responsibility of every entrepreneur is to maintain the health of his business. Ease2Bizz business heath checker is a proven mechanism that shows overall business insights. The reports help identify the core problems of each department so you can derive appropriate solutions.

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"One of the major duties of an entrepreneur is to monitor the entire operations and processes. However, he can not detect any problems without any system, especially in the prosperity phase of business. Ease2Bizz health checker project the business problems transparently to formulate instant strategies. The business tools collect the inputs in the form of questionnaires to generate the Health check reports. It severs clear a direction for building constructive action plans. Start checking your business health now for absolutely no cost."


Benefits of Business Health Check Up

Problem Identification
Ease2Bizz business health checker is trained for problem detection. It asks a set of questionnaires to intake data about each department to generate reports. It brings the ongoing efficiencies of the business to the notice of the managers.

Strategy Formation
Every decision requires information to ensure its effectiveness. Maximum the information, the stronger the outcomes of strategies. Supplying the relevant information is the job of the Ease2Bizz business checker, and it does it to ease the planning and development of business strategies.

Market Longevity
80% of businesses fail in their first five years, the reason being mismanagement of business goals. The activities and the short-term goals are monitored properly, resulting in the ignoring of enormous complexities. Hence we recommend the health checker to do what's necessary when required.

About CRM
About CRM

Features of Business Health check Up

Sales - Health Check

Marketing - Health Check

Accounts / Finance - Health Check

Operations - Health Check

Strategy - Health Check

R & D - Health Check

System & Process- Health Check

Human Resources (HR)- Health Check

About CRM
About CRM

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₹ 2,000 ₹ 199

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